A Time For Giving

This past week was full of giving for the PRINT staff. We helped out with Wellness in the Schools apple education at PS20, then had visitors from Growing Growers in our rooftop garden for pumpkin composting, and rounded it out by sharing of a dish at Let Us Eat Local to fundraise for Just Food.
Below are some images and highlights!

Wellness in the Schools Apple Labs

Student and chef standing by poster with paper apples attached.

Students went picking for apple facts. Did you know there are over 2,000 varities of apples in the United States? Some have very peculiar names, like this Winter Banana variety, that may very well have been the only fruit available to many east coasters back in the olden days before supermarkets and refrigerators!

Crate of winter banana apples.

We cooked a simple cinnamon apple sauce with the skins on, even with no sugar all the students thought it tasted just like apple pie! We discussed how the fiber in fruits and vegetables help you to stay full longer and give you more energy.

City Growers Pumpkin Smashing

Pumpkins decorating the Rooftop Garden.

It was right before Halloween but we were already smashing pumpkins up at the PRINT. rooftop garden. We hosted the City Growers (Brooklyn Grange educational program) to learn more about composting. Our compost had been piled up with “brown” elements high in carbon and was in need of “green” elements rich in nitrogen like pumpkins.

Students at the pumpkin smashing event at Press, posing for a photo.
It was a gusty evening up in the garden but they were rewarded for their efforts with city scape views, hot cider, and caramel popcorn.



Let Us Eat Local

We have been a part of Just Food’s annual Fall Fundraising tasting event for 7 years. Each time we bring a warming dish to share and connect with fellow NYC restaurants, non profit workers, and attendees.

Chefs Kimberly and Danval in the PRINT kitchen.

This year we made a Pork and Leek Dumpling doused in a heady wild mushroom broth topped with mixed mustard greens and shaved matsutakes.

Mushroom centerpiece, and servings of Pork and Leek Dumpling, wild mushroom broth, mixed mustard greens and shaved matsutakes.

Ultimately we keep coming back year after year to help raise critical funding for an organization which supports so many fair food projects around the city, like Farms to Food Banks and community gardens. All in all it is always a lot of fun, and each year the decor gets more elaborate. Check out this ice sculpture with suspended vegetables!

Ice sculpture with vegetables inside and "Just Food" etched on the front.