“Heaven in Hell’s Kitchen”

– Edible Manhattan

Located within a renovated and repurposed printing factory in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, PRINT Restaurant is among one of the country’s leading restaurants dedicated to seasonal, sustainable cuisine. The restaurant is owned and operated by longtime restaurant consultant and investor, Adam Block. The inspiration for PRINT came from a combination of Block’s Northern Californian roots and working with former clients such as Alice Waters (Chez Panisse) and Judy Rodgers (Zuni Café). PRINT’s Ag-American menu is updated daily to best showcase ingredients from the farmers market, regional farms and other artisan purveyors. Designed by David Rockwell, the soul of the restaurant is extended through its decor, which conveys the sentiment that quality-procured ingredients are better appreciated on a beautiful plate in a casual, but elegant setting. Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and brunch on weekends), PRINT is located at 653 11th Avenue (at 48th Street).

inspired by the season.

Since its opening in 2010, PRINT has maintained a truly organic, slow-and-steady approach to delivering on its promise. During the growing season (May through October) there are times when PRINT is able to attain a 90% fulfillment of local, traceable products on the menu. Organic and traceable products that are not indigenous or grown in the region, such as citrus and coffee, or some winter menu ingredients are responsibly sourced through farms and foragers in their respective regions.

In order to maintain this level of commitment, PRINT employs an in-house forager as part of our culinary team to research, quality-check and liaise with purveyors including farms, local winemakers, craft breweries and greenmarkets. Some of the best products can come from very small vendors who don’t have the same infrastructure and supply chain as larger farms or distributors. By employing a forager, PRINT can source these special items while supporting small farmers and purveyors. By working directly with farmers, the middleman is eliminated, saving cost markups typically passed through to customers. 

driven by style.

PRINT was designed by David Rockwell.  Adam Block wanted the soul of the restaurant to be extended through it’s decor, conveying that quality-procured ingredients are better appreciated on a beautiful plate in a casual but elegant setting.

PRINT’s sophisticated design combines organic, recycled and modern elements such as mid-century Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs and Norman Cherner stools, recycled Wine Punt glassware, walls and ceilings made of repurposed walnut, Heath Ceramic and Pandolfi dishware, Moroccan-style tiled floors, tarnished copper-topped tables, small potted succulent centerpieces and suspended glass globes with dimmed light bulb filaments.

Adjacent to the restaurant is a warm, intimate lobby bar and three red velvet-walled private dens with rich leather banquettes and ottomans. The 80-seat restaurant includes a number of smaller nooks, as well as a communal-style table located at the center of the dining room. 

“My goal was to, in a very subtle way, allude to the working history of the building and space through details that may or may not be noticed immediately. For those actually looking, they will see a presence that pays respect to and preserves the heritage while bringing it into a new moment and experience.” – Adam Block

dedicated to sustainability.

PRINT’s forager is very active within the community. It’s our belief that sustainability goes beyond food, and it’s essential that we find ways to support the surrounding community at every level. Sustainability is not a constant in business, operations, sourcing or behaviors and we are always adapting to what’s available and possible.