Blackberry Cobbler in Liquid Form

Blackberries are the late summer star of the berries. With their juicy bright tartness, they add character to a number of dishes on our menu: in a chicory salad with blue cheese, in a brown butter sauce on our vegetable platter, and as a garnish for our decadent new chocolate cake. However, it is at the PRINT. bar that we are serving the berries muddled into liquid form. Our take on the classic cocktail – the cobbler – has a rinse of dry sherry, 3 muddled blackberries, a splash of Avrell Damson Plum Gin, and a good helping of Barr Hill Barrel Aged gin. The entire cocktail has depth due to the toasty notes coming from the sherry and the barrel aged gin, yet all the bright fruit flavors make it tart and refreshing. So make a toast to the last weeks of summer!

Blackberry cobbler in a rocks glass.