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Suckling Pig with Grilled Persimmons, Parsley Potatoes, Broccoli Di Cicco, and Rosemary Au Jus

2014-12-17 16.00.17

We get the pigs for this dish from Vermont Quality Meats, a cooperative that works with various regional, sustainable family farms to source meats, artisanal cheeses, and seasonal vegetables. The persimmons we source from Bernard Ranch, a certified organic fruit farm in California, through Martin Bournhonesque who runs what he calls a pop-up collective with several family farms in California who grow incredible heirloom vegetables, citrus, and fruits.

He is also our source for the sweet and juicy satsumas we use on the scallop crudo dish:  Diver Scallop Crudo, Satsuma, Horseradish, Chives, Chervil.

The diver scallops, which are in peak season right now, come from Maine. The radishes that add texture, spice, and color to the dish are still available locally from Paffenroth Gardens as is the horseradish which adds extra heat and kick.