Crush It with Local Wine Flight

Much like other field crops, most of the grapes in our region have been harvested, staying in the field to ripen as along as possible before the first frost. However, unlike most local produce these grapes are not going into cold storage, but are instead fermenting away in large vats. We are celebrating this transitional time of the season with a Local Grape Harvest Flight as a way to introduce people to the impressive array of New York wines being produced today by three of our favorite producers:

Sauvignon Blanc-Chardonnary. Red Hook Winery. NY. 2014

Wild Boar Doe. Shinn Estate. Mattituck. NY . 2012

Ice Wine. Wolffer Estate. Sagaponack. NY.  2013


3 bottles of wine and 3 glasses.


To learn more about Red Hook Winery check out this recent article from the New York Times about urban wine makers.