Great Grapes

One of the fall ingredients that we are excited about right now is local grapes.  Grape farming in New York dates back to the 17th century when Dutch and Hugenot settlers planted vineyards in the Hudson Valley. Global growing practices mean that we have access to grapes year round, but as in most cases, local is better. Grapes that are being harvested now have spent the whole summer on the vine, soaking up the sun and slowly ripening. This translates into a high sugar content and complex, nuanced flavors. Grape harvest and crush is going on at local wineries and the greenmarket is filled with Concord, Champagne, Jupiter, Globe, Muscat and many more varieties. Here’s how we are celebrating the grape harvest at PRINT., with dishes ranging from savory to sweet.  We’re also working on some Concord grape shrub to use for housemade sodas.

  • Radicchio and Mixed Chicory Salad, Hazelnuts, Blue Cheese, Apple, and Concord Grape Vinaigrette
  • Sauteed Chicken Livers, Pancetta, Maitake Mushrooms, Grapes, and Balsamic on Grilled Bread
  • Grilled Heritage Pork Chop, Sauteed Brussels Sprouts, Baby Eggplants, Concords, Port Reduction
  • Honey Custard Tart with Roasted Grapes and Thyme

We also have a great grape-infused cocktail – the Los Andes – which combines La Diablada Pisco, saffron syrup, citrus bitters, muddled local grapes, and lime.

And up at the Press Lounge they are muddling grapes into the El Caribe, a blend of Solbeso Cacao Fruit Liqueur and Wolffer Estate Sparkling Rose Cider. Cheers!


Hand holding Los Andes cocktail with Manhattan skyline in background.