dedicated to sustainability

Methods of sustainability at PRINT:

  • If it’s grown in the region, we eat it in season
  • Our in-house forager liaises with all purveyors and the community
  • All purveyors are vetted by our forager
  • Quality protocols are established with each selected farmer
  • Products purchased from outside of region are prioritized by traceability and organic
  • Our rooftop garden provides herbs and edible plants to supplement the menus during spring, summer and fall
  • An in-house butcher breaks down animals as needed
  • We believe in a work culture that invests in our own team
  • We keep our price points reasonable for the quality of products
  • Our water is filtered
  • All of our food refuse is composted
  • Supporting the community is an important part of our operation
  • We donate food/meals to various organizations and local charities and groups during times of need
  • We host on-site programs to educate and connect the community with sustainability

our menu/ingredients and beverages

From inception until today, the focus at PRINT has been to put the spotlight on the ingredients cuisine.

Though the menu changes frequently, PRINT’s chef and pastry chef have mastered capturing the flavors of each season. A la carte menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and brunch on weekends) offer a wide range of thoughtful dishes crafted around the best ingredients. Seasonal omelettes for breakfast are made with fresh eggs from New Jersey, produce from the farmers market and cheese made from northeast dairy farms. Lunch salads are chock-full of the season’s most flavorful ingredients from the height of the summer’s harvest season through the thick of winter. Dinner entrees include some of the finest proteins found in the region from Happy Valley Meat Company’s grass-fed beef and Hudson Vally Kinders and Kritters rabbit to Pierless seafood. Breads, pastries, butter and desserts, including ice cream, are all made in-house and also inspired by the seasons.

The beverage program also pays homage to the restaurant’s philosophies with a custom-blend wine made by The Red Hook Winery for the house and regional beers from local craft breweries. The cocktail menu incorporates a mix of local spirits and seasonal ingredients, including house-made mixes such as cassis made from regional blackcurrants.  The Garden Table at The Press Lounge is lined with various herbs and produce such as wormwood for house-made vermouth, and other edible plants that are used for seasonal garnishes.