Our Orchard Spritz Cocktail

Just in time for Cider Week NYC we are introducing a new cider-based cocktail — the Orchard Spritz.  It is our regional and seasonal spin on a classic Champagne cocktail. We use a maple sugar cube from Vermont doused with maple bitters, add 1 oz. barrel-aged apple brandy from Orchard Hill, and top with Slyboro Hidden Star Dry Sparkling Cider.  It’s a simple, elegant and unique drink that would be perfect to make at home for Thanksgiving or other fall holiday parties.

Place 1 small cube of maple sugar in a flute or coupe glass. If you can’t find maple sugar, you can use a brown or tubinado sugar cube. Douse the sugar cube with 3 dashes of maple bitters. (You can also experiment with other kinds of bitters here. Citrus bitters are particularly nice here as well.) Pour in 1 ounce of apple brandy, Calvados, or traditional brandy, then top with a dry sparkling cider.

Orchard Spritz cocktail and bottle of Hidden Star Hard Cider.