The PRINT. / Farmigo CSA Pickup Day Has Changed

Get your order in by Thursday for pickup on Mondays


The ordering and pickup schedule for the PRINT. / Farmigo CSA has changed. The pickup is now on Monday evening, which is kind of great because you can start your week off with the local, fresh food that the CSA offers. We are starting to see a little bit of spring in the offerings with scallions, leeks, vibrant watermelon radishes, and piquant dandelion greens in the produce section. Some other intriguing items currently available are

  • the Water Buffalo Yogurt from Ithaca Milk
  • the inky black cuttlefish spaccatelli from Sfoglini which look like scraps of curled ribbons and have a sweet briny taste
  • lemongrass ginger pork sausages and the cottage bacon from The Piggery, a family-owned butcher shop featuring pork & house-made charcuterie from their Trumansburg, NY-based farm, as well as pork, beef, chicken, dairy and produce from other local farms. They are a pastured small-scale operation and work with other farms raising their animals the same way.

One of the best parts of the PRINT. /Farmigo CSA is being able to give our staff, neighbors, and guests a way to access produce and products for their home cooking that align with how we source our food in the restaurant.