PRINT. In Season: Blood Orange

Blood orange is another citrus we are really excited about in the PRINT. winter kitchen. Blood oranges have their roots in Sicily and Spain, but thrive in California now. They take their name from the crimson hue of the fruit and juice, which can range from merely rosy to nearly black. What gives a blood orange its beautiful color also gives it a unique nutritional advantage — the red pigment comes from anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant. We use the fruit both for it’s dramatic color and vibrant taste. For the next few weeks blood oranges will be on our menu is a number of ways:

  • Highlighted in a salad with dates, marcona almonds and watercress
  • Reduced into a sauce for the crispy Mayard duck breast
  • As an accent in the crudo with uni and Osetra caviar on our Valentine’s Day menu