PRINT. In Season: Satsuma Mandarins

During the doldrums of winter, citrus season really brightens up the kitchen and menu at PRINT.  We source our citrus fruits from California and Florida, working with family farmers who grow a really cool range of citrus and heirloom varietals that add unique flavors — and colors — to our food and drink.

Satsumas are originally from Asia and have been cultivated in the U.S. since the 1800s. They are often confused with tangerines and clementines, all members of the mandarin orange family. While the exteriors may be similar, there is a big difference in what lies beneath that orange-colored rind: satsumas have few seeds and particularly thin membranes abundantly filled with liquid, which means less pulp and more juice. Satsumas have a particularly sweet and uniquely bright taste and we love using them in a variety of drinks and dishes during their all too brief season.   

We are currently featuring satsumas in three preparations. At the bar, they are the star of our Satsuma Old Fashioned, which is one of our best selling cocktails at PRINT. We muddle sweet satsuma segments with spicy and creamy handcrafted Dark Horse Distillery Reunion Rye Whiskey, and add our housemade maple bitters and a brandied cherry.

Satsuma segments are also a key part of our Mosaic Greens Salad, where the sweetness of the citrus contrasts with tart dry cranberries and salty ricotta salata.  And in our Scallop and Sea Bass Crudo with horseradish, sliced radishes, olive oil, and microgreens the satsumas add a sweet pop and brings out the sweetness of the seafood.