Adam Block

Long time restaurant consultant and investor Adam Block is the owner and operator of PRINT Restaurant and The Press Lounge.  As the principal and founder of Block & Associates, founded in 1987, Block has advised, developed and consulted on some of the most influential restaurants, hotels and projects in the world.

His experience working with iconic chefs and restaurateurs such as Thomas Keller (French Laundry and Per Se), Charlie Trotter, Alice Waters (Chez Panisse) and Judy Rodgers and Gilbert Pilgrim at Zuni Cafe, helped inspire the vision for PRINT Restaurant and The Press Lounge.  He wanted to create a quality experience in a price-approachable restaurant dedicated to sustainability, regional sourcing and community. Since its opening in 2010, PRINT and The Press Lounge continue to gain momentum on all fronts and PRINT Restaurant is one of the country’s leading Ag-American restaurants.

There were many naysayers when Adam decided to open an ambitious eatery in Hell’s Kitchen in 2010. He didn’t want just any restaurant, but the kind with stalwart sourcing that it would have its own on-staff, full-time forager. Although the “farm-to-table” buzz term was just beginning to surface, it was a financially-tumultuous time and the idea of having a forager seemed frivolous at best.

Adam’s background in the food industry and in his consulting business well-prepared him to operate PRINT and The Press Lounge, as these concepts require oversight by someone detail-oriented both operationally and financially in order for them to work.