Veggies with spirit

Named after the sacred tree under which The Buddha reached enlightenment, Bodhitree Farm spans 65 acres of preserved farmland located in Pemberton Township in the New Jersey Pinelands, where more than 100 different varieties of unique vegetables (most of them heirlooms) and herbs thrive.

All of their crops are chemical spray-free, treated in organic methods only as a last resort, and spreading our own compost as fertilizer. Even though this means that every year, half of their harvest is lost, it doesn’t go to waste. They throw it in a massive compost pile that will, in turn, fertilize the fields next season. True to their name, they believe that vegetables grown with positive energy and a wonderful spirit can bring a kind of enlightenment to those who enjoy them. One of the many reasons we at PRINT. love having their crops on our menu.

Currently we are featuring their Shishito Peppers which are nutty and verdant, traditionally pan-fried, but just wait until you try them pickled! Stop by while they are still around!