Wellness in the Schools Gala 2019

Throughout the year we enjoy working with Wellness in the Schools and visiting our partner school PS33 for Cafe Days. However, the annual WITS Gala fundraiser is a highlight of the year. It is always a momentous evening when restaurant partners gather for a spring tasting fundraiser to help expand the WITS programming. Now in addition to healthy food and cooking education, it includes exercise and fitness programs through WITS Play. This brings wellness elements to the schools which are vital to giving kids a more productive and supportive learning environment.

Restaurant partners for WITS gala pose for photo.
Some of this year’s restaurant partners for the WITS gala.

Our own Pastry Chef Amy Hess was asked to make a dessert again this year for the Wellness In the Schools Gala. She came up with a great gateway to spring dish: Warm Liege Waffle with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote and Chamomile Ice Cream. This will soon to be on our PRINT spring dessert menu. This year’s event took place downtown in the Bay Room, all the way up on the 60th floor. In addition to incredible food, we also savored some stunning views! All in all, it turned out to be another great evening that raised ample funds to bring WITS programming into more schools and positively impact NYC students.


Warm Liege Waffle with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote and Chamomile Ice Cream with Woolworth Building in background.
Chef Amy’s delicious dessert
2 chefs and a student assembling desserts at the dessert station.
Dessert assembly