Wellness in the Schools Kale Labs PS20

Students chopping kale.

Supporting the community and organizations that do good is a big part of our mission at PRINT., especially groups that share our food philosophies. Which is how I found myself spending National Kale Day in a school, helping get kids excited about eating vegetables with Wellness in the Schools.  WITS was founded in 2005 by a group of concerned parents and educators and implements a number of cool programs to inspire public school kids to eat healthy, keep fit and respect the environment.

The program I was participating in was the Wellness Labs, which we do three times a year. Wellness in the School picks a seasonal ingredient and the chef instructors go into a classroom, talk about the ingredient, and teach the kids how to make something delicious and nutritious with it. It’s hands-on education where the kids get to learn, make, and taste. This session was Kale and the dish was a ginger citrus kale salad. Our class at P.S. 20 especially loved the honey that goes in the dressing and nearly every student asked for seconds. They also took home a copy of the recipe so that they can share it with their families and make the salad again at home.

For more information about Wellness In The Schools, check out their

website http://www.wellnessintheschools.org/