Wrapping for WIN

Did you know that “every night in New York City, over 23,000 children go to bed in a homeless shelter?” This is one of several startling statistics from the Women In Need website’s report on the Forgotten Face of Homelessness: Children. For the past several years at PRINT we have given presents to fifty children and teens living in the shelter systems run by WIN. Each year while wrapping the requested gifts and ready the families letters, we are reminded how lucky we are to have the stability of an apartment or home to call our own. We hope that the gifts we give offer some joy in comfort in what can be an unsettled place and time in their lives.

If you want to support WIN or volunteer it is not too late to get involved and donate towards year long needed items such as diapers, school supplies, and other household items.

Wrapped gifts in back of truck.
Loading up the WIN truck with gifts for girls and boys, started to look a lot like Santa’s Sleigh!